A Little Fashion...

hand rendered illistration, marker

Inspiration comes from many unexpected sources.  As a nation, we just came through an election year which caused me to reflect back on the tumultuous political process of the American past and the era of Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  Hence my line is titled Old Glory.  The first image is that of the structured figure of Lincoln.  This leads to the symbol of the richly colored peacock which was said to be an ancient protector of royalty.  And finally, the eye is lead to the dark, brooding and mysterious beauty of the swirling evening sky in Vincent Van Goghs Starry Starry Night.  Mr. Lincoln, being a form of American royalty, watched over a nation in turmoil. He in turn, is watched over by the peacock guardians of ancient royalty, which ultimately is watched over by the definitive protector of the churning, twisting night sky.


Spring Fashion Show 2013